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The Future of Wind Farms

Past Present and Future

The two most abundant forms of power on earth are solar and wind, and they’re getting cheaper and cheaper

Ed Begley, Jr.

Over the past century wind farms have risen and risen through the ranks of reliable energies, and we as a planet, are getting closer to the point where fossil fuels are becoming no longer an option, fact which is propelling wind farming as the worlds number one source of energy.

Fantastic news for the world and fantastic news for us at home in the United Kingdom. For the United Kingdom our future lies mainly in offshore wind farming, and why not? We have rain, sea and wind aplenty, perfect conditions for offshore wind farming. It is a common misconception that the general public are strongly against on shore wind farming however, with reasons such as they will disturb wildlife and ruin views, in recent years this misconception has been debunked, with a government ran poll showing a 72% approval rate with the general public for on shore wind farms.

America is at the forefront of onshore wind farming, harnessing the vast open spaces of the great plains and using it as a wind tunnel, those in the renewable energy sector have compared the United States to the Saudi Arabia of wind farming.

What does this mean for the future?

With the phasing out of fossil fuels, the big energy companies are all wanting a piece of the pie, resulting in mass investment from the energy giants. Mass investment leads to more competitive energy prices, more jobs and most importantly, more wind farms. This is happening simultaneously on a global scale, making wind farming one of the most sought after commodities in the global energy sector. Fantastic news for the future, with Britain doing what it can to push this sector further and further it has quickly established itself as world leader in offshore wind farming, boasting a whopping 10% of all UK homes to be wind powered by 2020

It is no surprise at all the United Kingdom is head of the pack when it comes to offshore wind farming, after investing £19bn between 2016 and 2019, with the investment poised to continue well into 2021. We all know this creates more jobs as the sector grows, but the huge advantage is, is that it creates high skilled jobs, resulting in high skilled qualified workers. The Offshore Wind Industry Council expect at least twenty-seven thousand jobs in this sector by 2030, thats three fold the amount we have now, no surprise at all considering the United Kingdom owns 36% of the worlds offshore wind capacity.

The United Kingdoms days as worlds number one are numbered it seems, with giants like China and the United States making huge headway. This really is no issue at all in the grand scheme of things. The change to renewable clean energy is a global effort and healthy competition can only propel the technology and our efforts further and further forward.


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