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Just who are WFE Safety?

WFE Safety are a company based in North Wales, a company at the forefront of supplying safety equipment for those in and around the renewable sector

We have decided to make this blog for a multitude of reasons, it provides us as members of this company the opportunity to share the ins and outs of this amazing industry, it keeps all our readers informed on where their energy comes from, and hopefully to inspire people to lower their carbon footprint or even join the renewable energy industry.

What topics will we cover?

  • Anything and everything within the Renewable Energy Industry
  • Wind Farms, Clean energy, Personal Protective Equipment, Climate change, Changing weather patterns

Of course the topics we have covered above are just the foundation we can build this blog upon, with ideas spouting from ideas sprouting from world events, this blog is definitely something that excites us here at WFE Safety

People have asked us, why are you doing this blog? There is nothing for you to gain from this surely?

  • While there is no financial gain to be had from this, there is still a multitude of good that can come from this blog
  • Making people aware of a topic can just be enough to start off a domino effect
  • Could the person who designs the next step in renewable energy in years to come be reading this very blog?
  • If we share the issues our planet is having, and day to day changes that can be made, we are doing our part and helping you do yours

Wind Farm Weekly’s will be aiming to have a variety of writers, each with their own personalities, approaches and style.

More about WFE Safety

Situated in Mostyn, North Wales, WFE Safety supplies personal protective equipment marine and terrestrial safety products to the growing renewables industry.

Our team have industry knowledge gained from onsite planning, construction and maintenance second to none.

Based in North Wales we supply to customers all over the world with products and advice that assists our clients with the correct equipment for the site, discipline and task they require.


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