Modern Day Turbine Technology

As yet, the wind is an untamed and unharnessed force, and quite possibly one of the greatest discoveries hereafter to be made, will be the taming, and harnessing of it — Abraham Lincoln Wind turbines have come a long way from the times of wood and cloth, becoming more and more technologically advanced with each […]

How Do Life Jackets Work

I Like Pessimists, They’re always the ones who bring life jackets for the boat — Lisa Kleypas We all know about life jackets, we know that if we fall in the water it goes poof and suddenly, we are saved, but how? What causes the seemingly automatic function to save your life in your direst […]

The Future of Wind Farms

The two most abundant forms of power on earth are solar and wind, and they’re getting cheaper and cheaper — Ed Begley, Jr. Over the past century wind farms have risen and risen through the ranks of reliable energies, and we as a planet, are getting closer to the point where fossil fuels are becoming […]

Modern Day Wind Farms

And it was surely the case also that only machines built to so large a scale and of such pristine alloys could bridge the span between heaven and earth — Mike McCormack A lot of time has passed since the times of using wood and cloth to power our wind turbines, and since then, we’ve […]

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